Your best companion for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

An elegant and powerful app to manage your Dokkan Battle Cards


With focused beautiful design, Dokkaner is a modern application that makes it easy to manage and discover your Dokkan battle Cards. It combines simplicity and powerful tools with unique features.
Powerfull metascoring
Dokkaner gives you a simplified experience to know and manage the true value of the cards.
Smart cards search
Search a Dokkan Card by its name, links and more!
Cards recognition system
Import your Dokkan Cards directly into Dokkaner with automatic recognition.
Unique Feature
Dokkaner offers you a unique benchmarking system to generate the best team for you.

Discover the power and strength of your cards.

Is this card good? How to effectively build a good team?. Dokkaner is an app that could answer all these questions. A simple, pretty and automated application to help beginner or veteran players.